About Me

About Me

안녕하세요 여러분 💖

About me? I love fashion and style. Occasionally Makeup Artist and currently working in a multinational hotels company. I love long dresses, shoes, makeups, and bags. I also love cooking, baking, watching UFC Asia and Korean drama series, writing, eating and traveling. I am a graduate of Entrepreneurial Management and also studied basic Korean language where I learned to read and write 한국어.

I am an extrovert but I also prefer to be alone most of the time - so lets say that I am an Ambivert. I am fun and outgoing, highly organized, loyal, enjoys helping others, dependable and self sacrificing most of the time. I enjoy multi tasking and spending time with friends and family. I love to read psychology books and learn different types of human behavior. It is because I want to easily understand each person's attitude towards life and how I can approach them.

I consider this blog as my personal diary where I share SOME of my life stories, travels, food and memories. 

Enjoy reading!

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