Sunday, 11 June 2017

Magalawa Island - Holy Week 2017

I was back tracking my archives and realized that I still have a lot to blog. I was too busy especially the month of May not just because of my birthday, but also because of the several events and summer outings I had to attend. I know it’s already the rainy season but I would love to share one destination that we went to last Holy Week. (Seriously, it was 2 months ago!)

Started year 2014, I promised to myself that every year, I will go to some places I have never been before. And every holy week, I usually travel with my youngest sister. We do not care about the hassle of commuting, heavy bag packs, and how far we can go. We have this saying that: “Bawal ang maarte!”. So, I decided to go again somewhere in North. It was in Magalawa Island located in Palauig, Zambales.

Since it was Holy Week, my sis and I decided to go to Victory Liner Pasay early at 1am. We were expecting several commuters waiting at the terminal like what we have experienced a year ago. Buses going to Sta. Cruz Zambales is very rare and we did not want to wait 6 more hours to ride for the next bus.. Again, “bawal ang maarte”, so we’re just chance passengers. We were standing – well, actually seated on the bus floor. Still thankful, coz we were seated right next to the bus driver and conductor. So, during our 11 hours travel (including heavy traffics), we did not feel tired or bored as we were talking and even laughing with them. Victory Liner’s bus drivers are so friendly - swear!

NEVER thought that Palauig is SUPER far. I think it is farther than Baguio City but different route. Finally, we reached our destination. Since Zambales is known for their sweetest mangoes, we bought some kilos before headed to the beach. I have indicated our itinerary at the bottom part of this blog.

There are two resorts in Magalawa Island. One is the Ruiz resort and the other one is Armada Resort. We chose Ruiz resort because they offer cheaper rates, it is easy to book with them and Kuya Mulo - the resort owner is very responsive to my inquiries and replies in a timely manner. Shout out also to their very accommodating, helpful and polite staff!

There is a bit tension between the 2 resorts as they have some title issues. Armada Resort was not SO kind as they did not allow us to even walk along their beach without paying the entrance. 

Ruiz Resort offers cottages and rooms for accommodation for rent. But we chose to build our own tent as what I love about our travel is the camping. We brought our own food to cook, rice, drinking water and portable gas stove. 

Since it was Holy Week, there were alot of people visited the island. Good thing about Magalawa Island is they still have electricity and mobile signals.

Magalawa Island is also known to their beautiful sunrise. My friend sent me a message to wake up early and witness the sunrise. It did not disappoint me. It was worth the travel!

Our DIY Itinerary:

1. Victory Liner Pasay terminal heading directly to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Check their website for the bus schedule. Tell the conductor to drop you off to Pangolinan or they are more familiar to Radio Veritas road.
2. Take a tricycle to take you in Luan Port where you will ride a boat going to Magalawa Island. It will take you a 30 minute ride in a rough road. You will also need to pay 20php for entering a private property road. 
3. Go to Ruiz Resort Boat Entrance and look for ate Mery. Tell her that you have accommodations booked from Kuya Molo. Ruiz Resort has their own boat to ride guests back and forth to the island.

How to go back in Manila?

1. Settle your payments before leaving the island. Kuya Molo will give you a passes that you will turn over to the staff that organize the boat going back to Luan Port. 
2. Ride a tricycle again going to Pangolinan.
3. Ride a jeep directly go to Iba - where terminal of Victory Liner is located. 
4. Wait for the bus going to Cubao. 

For expenses, I regret that I did not take a list of them as what matters most is we enjoyed our travel. 

Hope you also enjoy reading my blog!

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