Monday, 13 March 2017

Petite France (쁘띠프랑스)

Continuing my trip after Nami Som, I went to Petite France (쁘띠프랑스) riding the Gapyeong Tourism Attraction Circulation Bus again. I have waited almost an hour to ride the bus as there were alot of tourists. Imagine that many Filipinos went there at the same time. 

Petite France is a small French Village in the mountain. It was also featured on many dramas and variety shows, such as Secret Garden, Running Man and most recently, My Love from the Star. 

Ticket prices are 8,000 won for adults, 6,000 won for teenagers and 5,000 won for children. 

I only stayed for 15 minutes there  just to take photos as I need to go back in Seoul immediately. The place is too small and twice the cold coz it is in the mountain. 

Here are my pics:

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