Sunday, 22 January 2017

Welcome to South Korea


Because of being hooked in Korean Dramas and reality shows a few years back, I got interested in Korean Culture. I learned to love their traditions, fashion, language and food. I also did not expect that I will meet my Korean Boyfriend in Malaysia when I traveled 2 years ago. I also studied Basic Korean lessons in one of the biggest Korean Institution in the Philippines. 

As I learned to love Korean culture, one of my greatest dream is to go to Korea and see their beautiful country and check what life it can offer. And after 5 months of waiting, my VISA got approved. Finally, my dream already came true. I will travel abroad again, experience Winter and also I can meet my boyfriend again. 

As an IHG employee, I stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Euljiro Sam-ga (을지로3가) to use my employee rate reservation for my entire stay. They offer free breakfast. The hotel is also near to many attractions in Seoul. 

It was already passed 9 in the evening when I arrived at Incheon International Airport. It is winter with -10 degrees temperature. I already felt the cold when I went out from the plane and walking in the airport tube. 

Their Airport is so huge that you need to ride a subway train going to Immigration and claiming the checked in baggage. 

After Immigration and checked in baggage, I headed straight to the arrival area where my boyfriend is waiting. I did not see him at first as many people were waiting but I heard he called my name and was waving his hand. 

We need to ride 2 trains going to our hotel. There is a direct access in the subway train inside Incheon International Airport. We ride the airport train until we reached the Hongik University Station ( a.k.a 홍대 - Hongdae). From there, we transferred to Line 2 (green line) going directly to Euljiro 3-ga (을지로3가) where Holiday Inn Express is located. We went to Exit 1. 

One thing that you need to expect in South Korea is their great subways. You just need to buy a T-Card and load some amount in order to ride their trains or buses. You just need to tap it. Oppa already bought me T-card that I can use whenever we ride trains. 

I  know it is winter so I prepared alot of my thermal wear and other winter accessories. But I did not know that those are not yet enough to take the cold. It was really freezing to death. But I enjoyed the smoke coming from my breath.

And so that's it. Watch out for my more upcoming South Korea blogs. :) 

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