Saturday, 28 January 2017

N Seoul Tower and Locks of Love

Namsan Seoul Tower (남산서울타워) - "Love is in the Air".. Mt. Namsan is a symbolic mountain located at the center of Seoul. Although not as high as the other surrounding mountains, Mt. Namsan is a popular resting site. Rising up from its summit is the famous N Seoul Tower – an iconic landmark of South Korea, where you can see the whole city of Seoul and where you can lock your love.

This place is best for couples. From Namdemeun, we walked for just 10 minutes going there. Since we wanted to have a quick travel, we have decided to ride a cable car. It costs 8,000 won each person for a roundtrip ticket. Didn't know that it would be worse for me as I forgot that I have fear of heights. But the man beside me was enjoying the ride. :)

The wind was stronger above, I think it was twice the cold. So freezing to death!
When you reach N Seoul Tower, you can see the locks of love all over the place. Another thing that makes the area special is the romantic feel to it. It feels like love is in the air for everyone who is around here. Oh well, N Seoul Tower is indeed a popular place for couples and they locked their loved through padlocks.

Since it was Sunday, N Seoul Tower had a program for Ancient Warriors fight. We enjoyed watching and taking photos.

I also saw some snow flakes.

No matter how much locks save true love, N Seoul Tower’s Locks of Love will likely remain a memorable event for many couples - just like us. 

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