Saturday, 4 November 2017


I just started to learn baking a year ago. From then, I tried to bake different kinds of cupcake like chocolate, banana cupcake and cheese cupcake. I also baked nutella cookies and "puto" - a Filipino rice cake as a hobby. 

For the first time, I made a "puto cheese" and it turned out well. I brought some in the office to give to my friends for a free taste and they all liked it.

Here are some photos of my baked goods:

My "puto cheese" which is always sold out

My favorite Banana Cupcake

Brownies Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake

Cheese Cupcake

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Hole in the Wall and Mystery Manila

"No goodbyes.. just see you around" - Why can’t we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn’t work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. I hate goodbyes.. I need hellos.  

This would be our last Team Building with our beloved Manager as she will leave us soon. But as mentioned, there will be no goodbyes.. 
As we celebrate our last team building with her, we have decided to spend it nearby office. Hole in the Wall and Mystery Manila are the great spot. Both are located in Century City Mall at Poblacion, Makati.

4th Floor Century City Mall

- The place is so stylish. An upscale food court inside the Century City Mall that has 12 food stores. As you enter, it feels like entering into a homey and cozy dining area with mix and matched wooden chairs and tables. It is a great spot for dining with friends if you want to escape from the other crowded and noisy food courts. It feels like you are eating in a theme park. 

We ordered different kinds of food. We tried tacos and rice meal at "Posporo" - labels itself as a "Taqueria Filipina," as it puts a spin on tacos by loading them with tasty Filipino favorites like sisig, tocino, chicken inasal and Sarsi adobo carnitas (adobo slow-cooked in Sarsi rootbeer). Try their humongous rice plate (P260) with your choice of meat (mentioned above), plus refried mongo, pico de gallo, ensalada, sour cream, atchara, and salsa.

  3rd Floor Century City Mall

Being trapped in 1 room, with 1 mystery, in 1 hour, with only 1 way out gave us mixed emotions as it was equally exciting and nerve-wrecking! Mystery Manila is an activity that allows people to try something new and challenging. You have to choose among several mysteries that will transport you to various themed locations and scenarios. You will discover different clues and objects that will help you solve the mystery.

We have divided into 3 groups and I belong to "Pym Particle' group. It is more of Science and Math mystery but honestly, I didn't solve the problem. For me the game that we have chosen is not my type. So we ended up 'Failed'. But it was fun to try. 

I know there are still alot of meetups, chats and bondings outside work. Some of us transferred to other Departments, some left IHG already and some will soon be transferred. But IRC Chat will be the solid and outstanding Department in Rewards Club due to our great working performance. 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Firefly Roofdeck - City Garden Grand Hotel

March 2017 

When you hear about the word reunion, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it's the meaningful conversation with the people who have been part of your life. 

Me and my IHG Batchmates celebrated our 8th year Anniversary in Firefly Roofdeck Bar, located at the 32nd floor of City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City. I fell inlove with the view on top of the hotel, overlooking the busy City of Makati. While we have encountered the terrible traffic on the way to the Firefly, all the worries have disappeared when I saw the incredible view of the city lights. However, the capacity of customers who can dine is quite limited. I think they can only accommodate upto 50 guests. 

It has a cozy vibe and comfortable chairs and couches. You can just enjoy and live the moment with a view, of course, a wide selection of food and drinks to match the perfect spot for your breather moment.

Being with my IHG Batchmates for 8 years is priceless. Some of  them became my closest friends that I can truly trust. However, some of them are spread out across other departments, companies, country and cities. But when we met on that night, though we were not complete, I couldn’t help shake off the feeling that we traveled back in time. Not in a sense of a literal time travel, but in a sense that I was flooded with memories of our training and "phone" days. 

As we celebrated our 8th year together, of course, we couldn't avoid sharing stories of our lives. Everyone has a story to tell and this is the most awaited part of our reunion. Whether it's good or bad, everyone listened attentively without judging your personality. And this is what I love about my batchmates, all of us our open minded and matured in thinking.

Looking forward to our 9th Anniversary Celebration next year!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

SPIRE Launch Event

Last April, IHG announced the launch of Spire Elite, our new and highest Elite membership level for IHG®Rewards Club. Since we are the biggest Corporate office of IHG, the Management made a contest for best dressed per Department. The 1st place winner will take 2,000 worth of gift certificates, 2nd place is 1,000 and the 3rd place is 500.

Since me and Chel (my colleague) are the tenured ones in our Department, our Manager selected us to join the contest. I have no choice but to prepare something to wear. We should wear something red and needs to demonstrate SPIRE from our attire. So we have decided to wear long red gown that represents 'QUEEN' and we had our 'Petronas Tower' crown in our head that represents how tall the Spire Elite is. And I am proud to say that we won the 2nd place. 

Here are some of the photos during judgement and after the event:

 (with the Operation's Managers)

Kudos to our very own baby girl Jessie who made our Petronas Tower crown and to our TM Eloy who supported us all the way. 

Within the Walls - Intramuros Manila 2017

I visited this place 2 years ago, but I did not try to go inside where I can see more attractions of Intramuros because I was alone. Since most of my friends are married and older than me, it's hard for me to ask them to travel. So, what I hate about travelling is that, I usually go alone. But this time, I had 2 companions who are very younger than me. 

If you still remember my first blog about Intramuros, I have already mentioned the history of this place. You may want to visit that again, here is the link:

We tried to ride the e-jeepney that will tour you around Intramuros. You just have to pay 20php for each person. We have also walked around the oldest churches and establishments that are built thousand of years ago. 

One of the oldest establishment that we have visited is the "CASA MANILA". It is a museum in Intramuros depicting colonial lifestyle during Spanish colonization of the Philippines. It was built since 1850 near San Agustin Church - the oldest church in the history built by Spaniards since 1571.

We have also walked to the long wall where you can see the city outside Intramuros and the Manila Golf and Country club. 

After few hours of walking, we have decided to transfer in Luneta Park where we stayed for a while. But since most of the museums are already closed, we went to Robinson's Ermita to play bowling. The disadvantage of having younger companions is that, they have alot of energy or I think I am just getting old already. :) But, I had fun. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Upside Down Museum

Have you ever imagined what life would look like upside down? You will experience it when you visit the Upside Down Museum which was recently opened in Manila. It was taken from Malaysia /Thailand /Taiwan and USA.

It is l
ocated at CCP Complex in Pasay City and is the biggest of its kind in Asia. It is just at the back of Star City Amusement Park. They said that the museum is owned by Korean couple Park In-sun and Yi Kyu-Sung, who are no strangers to putting up attractions since they also mounted the Manila leg of the “Myth of the Human Body” in the past.

The entrance fee is P580 with ride ALL YOU CAN at Star City Amusement Park. However, if you prefer the  museum alone, it costs P450. 

Me and my room mate went there Saturday and there were alot of children having their school field trip. So we took us few hours taking pictures to each of the featured arts. However, we enjoyed the funny poses and arts that featured inside the museum. Be prepared for your unique facial reactions to make your photo more realistic. 

Let me show you some of our photos inside the museum:

And yeah the struggle is real. You must be so creative with your pose to make it real. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Baguio 2017 - My 30th

It was a month long celebration. I took some off from work last May and spent 3 days and 2 nights in Baguio with my parents, niece and family friends. 

I found its hard to make an introduction about this blog as it was actually my second time in Baguio. The first time I went there a year ago was I traveled solo. This time, it's different as I was with a group. It was actually the first time that I brought my parents for a vacation, far away from home. I'm turning 30 and I wanted to celebrate my 30 years of existence with my parents. 

On our first day, we went to SM City Baguio then to Burnham Park. Since we were tired from our long trip, we just decided not to waste our energy. My mom and her friend suggested riding the rental bike and the floating boat.

My father used to work in Baguio City when I was a baby, so he is somehow familiar with the place but he was amazed that so much has changed when we arrived. The first place he suggested to go to was the Phillippine Military Academy. So we have witnessed how our Soldiers do their hard training before going to a real battle. 

We took our lunch in the famous Good Taste Restaurant located near Burnham Park. My parents loved the taste of food there. My mom's friend also bought me a piece of blueberry cake so I can make a wish on my 30th. Her wish for me was to get married. I just answered with a smile. :) 

It was raining by the time we finished our lunch, so we were running out of time for our afternoon tour. But thankfully, the rain stopped and we were able to visit Mines View and The Mansion. 

On our last day, we went to La Trinidad to buy fresh strawberries and vegetables. Since it was the lean season, we cannot find a good quality of strawberries but we still bought some that we brought home. 

It was a memorable experience traveling with my parents. I will look forward to a new adventure with them soon.