Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Studying 한국어 (Han-gu-geo / Korean Language)

안녕하세요! (An-nyeong-ha-sae-yo) 

I am very happy that I finally studying Korean Language in the most famous Korean School - The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC). Though I already know how to write, read and speak basic Korean Language, I still need to study the Basic to enhance my knowledge and to become more familiar with the Korean Culture. It is also highly encouraged that students have taken Basic lessons prior to enrolling to Elementary 1.

Why I study Korean Language? I have 2 reasons: 1st, I am really interested with Korean Culture and the language itself and 2nd, I want to speak Korean fluently in front of my Korean Boyfriend. I want to understand more his culture, his tradition and his country.

My 선생님 (soen-saeng-nim / Teacher) is pure Korean and that is what I love in that school because it will teach us well especially in pronouncing the words.

My class is every Monday when I am off to work. 

Here are some photos taken in our school:

I also want to share some of my photos during our Graduation day!

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