Friday, 2 December 2016

IRC CHAT 1st Anniversary Celebration - Team Building

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford
It was 11 November 2016 when we have celebrated our first Anniversary Team Building in Villa Grande Hotspring Resort Calamba, Laguna. I still remember the time when IRC Chat started a year ago, 20 Reps were originally hired from IRC Phone and Non Phone Teams. Though at first, I was afraid to step out from my comfort zone after more than 7 years of staying from IRT Department. However, I have learned that the most of the greatest lessons in life are learned by taking risks and living outside of comfort zone.

We started from scratch. But over the past 1 year, from 20 to 15 Chatters, IRC Chat proved that even we are small and new group; we can work better as a team. “Give and Take”, “Trust and Respect” are our main secrets to have a successful team. Our Department also won some MITF awards for the most IRC Department who rendered the highest EH. We cannot be as we are right now without the help of our loving Team Manager and our very supportive Operations Manager. 

We believed that Team building is aimed at building effective relationships within the team that is why we have decided to do it outside. The venue was in Villa Grande Hotspring Resort Calamba, Laguna which is approximately 2 hours from Makati City. The place is quite big to accommodate all of us. They have provided complete set of cooking materials and appliances, drinking water, fridge and good rooms to sleep well. It was an overnight stay with full of joy and excitement. 

Everyone helped to prepare our food and other stuff. Some cooked, prepared recipes and washed dishes. All in all  it was a team work. 

Our former beloved IRC Team Managers also joined us to celebrate our Anniversary. They helped our IRC Chat Team Manager to organize the games. 

The game was “Minute to win it” or Last man standing game - an individual game challenge where one of us needs to remain standing until the end. It was really fun and exciting games indeed. 

We have also enjoyed the night by of course swimming and chitchats. 

This Team building helped us to know each other more, have fun outside the working place and build teamwork. This Team Building will not be possible without the help and support from our Operations Manager and Team Manager. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Studying 한국어 (Han-gu-geo / Korean Language)

안녕하세요! (An-nyeong-ha-sae-yo) 

I am very happy that I finally studying Korean Language in the most famous Korean School - The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC). Though I already know how to write, read and speak basic Korean Language, I still need to study the Basic to enhance my knowledge and to become more familiar with the Korean Culture. It is also highly encouraged that students have taken Basic lessons prior to enrolling to Elementary 1.

Why I study Korean Language? I have 2 reasons: 1st, I am really interested with Korean Culture and the language itself and 2nd, I want to speak Korean fluently in front of my Korean Boyfriend. I want to understand more his culture, his tradition and his country.

My 선생님 (soen-saeng-nim / Teacher) is pure Korean and that is what I love in that school because it will teach us well especially in pronouncing the words.

My class is every Monday when I am off to work. 

Here are some photos taken in our school:

I also want to share some of my photos during our Graduation day!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

IRC Live Chat - Team Lunch

It was November 2015 when I joined the IHG Rewards Club Live Chat Department as one of the Pilot group. Finally, I was able step out from my comfort zone after 7 years of being stocked in my previous position. Though at first, I was afraid that I have to take some risks and fears, however, I have learned that the most of the greatest lessons in life are learned by taking risks and living outside of comfort zone. 

Originally, we were 20 in our Team. We are small group compared to other Department, but we have an awesome Team Manager who handle us well. 

Last May 7, 2016, we had our very first team building outside of the office. Instead of the usual team building, we have chosen to have a buffet lunch instead in Yakimix Greenbelt. It was shouldered by the company. 

Here are some of our buffet lunch photos together with our Operation's Manager:

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Celebrating our 1st

11th of May - I still remember the time when I met this man in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. How can we ignore each other if we have met twice coincidentally in a different place though we are strangers? We are different in culture, in personality, and belief. We are very opposite, but I learned that if people choose their companion with different personality, they may be more successful. People can learn different experiences which help them throughout their life.

I learned to accept him as who he is, I learned to love his culture though I am a Korean Culture Enthusiast ever since. He also accepted my dark sides, gave too much effort to be with me despite the long distance relationship. And here we are, celebrated our very first anniversary last May 11. Time flies, and we did not realize that it is too fast. As most other relationships, we also have our ups and downs. Being far from each other is one of the most hardest part in the relationship. Trust, loyalty and patience are important to work things out. 

He hates posting his photos in public, that is why I deleted most of my blogs about him. He is a very private person. But I want to share some of our anniversary photos. I blurred his face. (Mianheyo oppa!) I know he will get mad again if he see this. hahahaha

That perfect sunset on our 1st Anniversary dinner date. Just like when we had our first date in Oceanfront Kota Kinabalu.

La Fiesta Buffet Restaurant:

At Bulgogi Brothers:

I feel like everything in my life has led me to him. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. And when we are together, my past seems worth it because if I had done one thing differently, I might never met him.

Buddha Bar Makati - The Reunion

#latepost (09 Apr 2016)

March 30, 2009 - I, together with  my batch mates started our first day training at IHG. We were 15 in the class, 2 are Japanese. We are the Batch 71 of IHG Rewards Club - former Priority Club Rewards.

I was 22 when I started working at IHG, and I was the second youngest in our batch. Some of my batch mates have already experienced working in different companies and hotels. Though IHG operates and franchise brand of hotels, it is still part of BPO and I admit it was challenging for me working here. 

Half of our batch already left IHG after few years, however, our friendship still continues in or out of the office. And to celebrate our 7th year of friendship, we have decided to have a dinner and night out in Buddha Bar and an unplanned road trip in Tagaytay. 

I want to share some of our nicest photos taken in Buddha Bar Makati and our super late dinner (early breakfast) in Tagaytay. 

Our food and cocktails:

Our Tagaytay moment eating bulalo: