Wednesday, 9 March 2016

초련수인, 진연완인


Our lives are in constant motion. We change each day. Sometimes, we forget that the people who surround us also change every day. Some relationships may grow together, shift and bend in ways that make them fit comfortably. Some relationships are more forgiving and hang on for the sake of the love that was once binding and now hangs around as a memory. But some don’t last. Some get destroyed, some disappear slowly and some cease to exist abruptly.

In this life, I've learned to take solace in the fact that I'm at least have a chance to experience love at its purest best, even if it will not last as long as I want to. I’ve also finally learned that we can’t corral people into a pen and lock them away forever.They won’t stay put and we shouldn’t have to convince them otherwise. It seems obvious enough that relationships, like all other things change, grow or dissipate. It is not easy thing to accept.

Sometimes we viewed this reality as something negative. It really pissed off to know that the person whom we are in love could easily abandon us or easily get cold.

But maybe that person came into our life for a reason. He/she is no longer in our life because he's/she's no longer supposed to be there.

Upon choosing to think about things in this way, it’s not easy to be positive. But instead of focusing on the heartache, we can start to focus on the beautiful things each person brought into our life.

We are all moving and changing. We need different things from the world at different times in our lives. We want different things. We view the world in different lights. We are all essentially just bumping into each other, stuck together until another crack in the road sends us free falling into something or someone else.

If you have found the person that will complete you, embrace each moment spent with him/her. Enjoy your time together and don't waste any opportunity to be with her.


People come and go, and whoever is meant to stay, will stay, no matter what…

Sometimes no matter how much you want somebody to stay, but if they don’t want to

— there is nothing you can do but to let them go.

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