Sunday, 5 July 2015

Our family bonding

I believe that there are many things to be learned in life, such as values, manners, cultural traditions, so on and so forth. Personally from my experiences, I’ve learned so many that I can’t even recall. Aside from respect, courtesy, honesty, patience and generosity, one of the ones that I do value and that I can honestly say that I believe in the most is the importance of spending time with my family.

That's why I always make sure that even in my busy days, I will still have time to go out with my family especially with my mother.

I would like to share our bonding time photos recently:

with my siblings

with my niece Yoona and my mother

Being with my family makes me happier than I usually am and it’s something that I’ll always cherish, love, and believe in.

“Friends, come and go. But family? They’re forever.

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