Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Sister's Wedding Day

21 June 2015 - It was my sisterʼs wedding day ( civil ). I had dreamed with her about this moment for so many years. It was a perfect day.  With happy tears I helped her into her wedding dress, hair and makeup. Yet, even as I did so, some closest family friends attacked, and unwanted thoughts leaped into my mind.

“Why are you standing here helping your younger sister with her wedding dress, while you are still single? " You are getting old, you supposed to get married" - the voice of self-pity began to badger me. “I bet Godʼs completely forgotten you when it comes to love.”

Years ago, Iʼd surrendered this area of my life to God. I had joyfully embraced a life of singleness for as long as He desired it for me. Now, the voice of my “surrendered will” began to take a stand against the tempting voice of self-pity.

Though I have met a special someone now after so  many years, I still can't say if he will be the right one or the last one. But, all I know is that I am happy with him.

Self-pity slipped away in defeat, and I smiled to myself in peace. There was no way I was going to let those unwanted thoughts mess up my life, let alone this beautiful day. My younger sisterʼs wedding day became one of the happiest days of my life!

To share this wonderful moment, I have attached some of our thousand photos:


The Entourage

 The Ceremony

 With Family and Relatives

 Behind the Scene


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