Friday, 15 May 2015

My Travel Journal (copied from my blog page site)

I used to keep a personal diary back in my early teenage years. This is where I write down my happiest memories, the "kilig" moments, those embarrassing events I'd rather forget and my deepest darkest secrets. This I did for quite some time until I quit writing. I grew up spending my precious time doing other things, investing on other skills and focusing my attention to much more interesting stuff than writing. 

It never occurred to me that I'll be scribbling down (or maybe typing would be more appropriate) my thoughts and experiences again. This time for the whole World Wide Web to read. 

(Tingloy Island Batangas, Philippines)

(Hundred Islands Pangasinan, Philippines)

(Lian Batangas Philippines)

(The Tip of Borneo Sabah, Malaysia)

(Pulau Island Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)

A few years ago, I got reunited with my friends for going places and exploring new things. I always feel the thrill and excitement of traveling, the adrenaline rush of another adventure and the fulfillment of learning while moving. And I loved it. I always look forward to the day I'll get to see what lies out there. But I'm still discontented.

I felt the strong need to share my occasional dose of (mis)adventures, explorations and discoveries in a place where I can get back to that very moment with easy access. And so my new blog was born.

Reading select travel blogs fuels my deep desire to travel. So I am making my own travel journal to relish the moment, relate the fun and impart know-hows on trips, with the hopes of igniting someone else's passion to seek and explore places.


So go on and read. I hope somehow, in my own little way, I'll be able to take you to moments of travel pleasures, stirring adventures and striking explorations that brave-hearts and passionate wanderers would surely enjoy. :)

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