Thursday, 14 May 2015

Kinabalu Park (World Heritage Site)

Culture and heritage are things that we can’t buy anywhere. It is either we preserve it, or we lose it for good. If we lose it, there will be no way that we are going to ever gain it back. It is a gone case. Preserve, don’t ruin it.
It was noon of our second day in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah that we decided to have a visit to one of the heritage sites that Sabah is proud to have. Being a state with the highest peak in South East Asia, it is befitted that Sabah has the 1st UNESCO Heritage Site in Malaysia.
The journey to Kinabalu Park started easy. We ride a mini bus and paid around RM20 for one way. The road looks like Sagada in Benguet and I love the cool weather.
This place is very memorable as this is where I first met the very nice Korean good looking man who helped us to go the lows peak. It was all started there. :) Kamsahamnida Oppa!
Though we haven't seen the Mt. Kinabalu highest peak due to cloudy weather, we had happy time taking photos.

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