Thursday, 14 May 2015

Gaya Street Sunday Market in Kota Kinabalu

The Gaya Street Sunday Market is a once-a-week must-visit for anybody who finds themselves in Kota Kinabalu on a Sunday morning.
From long before sunrise, traders gather along Kota Kinabalu’s historic Gaya Street to set up their stalls for the day’s market, which is one of Kota Kinabalu’s busiest Sunday attractions. 
When trading officially starts at 6am, it comes alive with hawkers and visitors roaming the sprawling market in search of something delicious, thirst quenching, useful, beautiful or interesting. I had no idea that the Sunday Market is just in front of the hotel we are staying at. So amazing!
I bought some souvenir items, bag and sarong which has a very good quality. From the everyday clothing and accessories to freshly ground Borneo coffee, cages filled with poultry to mini nurseries with plants, from freshly baked Sarawakian cakes to delicious Sabah snacks, the Gaya Street Sunday Market will occupy you for as long as you’re willing to look.

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