Thursday, 2 October 2014


I've actually spent time online researching and reading experiences and reviews about different makeup schools and courses. I've read posts from famous makeup bloggers, about their experiences in makeup school and they surely inspire me more to pursue taking up the course myself. That's why I have attended a one-day workshop on make-up artistry. 

On my first day, the tutorial stressed on punctuality, good hygiene and sanitation. We were taught the importance of choosing the right products and tools to achieve flawless work. They also shared with us how good cream foundations are versus other types of foundations: “Oily skin is a result of dry skin producing more oil because it craves moisture. Oil in cream foundations provides long-lasting moisture while water in liquid foundations evaporates, leaving the skin dry again, making it produce more oil.”

I have always 
asked favor to do makeup for weddings, graduation and other events because it's free of charge. And I usually ask to fix friend's eyebrow - which is my greatest talent in makeup. 

And here are some of the photos I only have doing the makeup:


Other Events:

For me, make-up artistry is quite similar to painting; but instead of working with a blank canvas, you work with a real, live person — each person a different personality, with different sets of assets and flaws, and different perception of beauty. The result of your work may have something to do with the rapport between you two.


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