Wednesday, 15 October 2014

College Batch Reunion

I received a group message from college friends planning to have our mini reunion. At first, I wasn't planning to go as I have never seen them after our graduation (yr 2007) and I wasn't able to come to those events that they have invited me to go before. (I was a bit shy)

But they said that they really wanted to see me. And I thought of my happiness-project resolutions: Connect with my past, “Show up,” “Only connect,” “Embrace novelty". I also thought of the scientific finding that people are more inclined to regret the things they don’t do than the things they do – which suggested that I’d regret skipping the reunion more than attending.

So I decided to go.

I miss the memories we have been through from our 1st year to 4th year college. The "kwentuhan portion", open forums, "tampuhan", doing our Feasibility Study and Thesis, debates, business ventures, project launching to the Panelists, defense, sharing thoughts and ideas, brain storming, "chismisan", laughing out loud, eating everywhere, walking after class, our badminton time, "gala", attending seminars and everything. 

Here are the old photos that I still have with them:

(Ansabe ng one sided bangs and manipis na eyebrow ko di ba?) LOL

There’s an ease in relationships that go back a long time, even if they aren’t intense relationships. Somehow, the fact that we’d all known each other for a long time gave a special quality to our interactions. I was talking to them that I hadn’t seen for 7 years as if I’d seen them last week. It was interesting to see how they had changed. I noticed two positive trends: first, a lot of them had decided to pursue a career that they were passionate about, and as it turns out, they are happy with their lives, even if they aren’t always hugely successful in worldly terms; the fact that they’re doing what they love makes them happy. Most of them are already married. Second, some of them have started to re-invent themselves, to tackle something new, and they feel exhilarated, if a little apprehensive, by that. So I was glad to see that a lot of them are happy and so do I.

And these are the photos from our recent mini reunion:


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