Monday, 6 October 2014

10 Things that I must have in my bag

I don't care if my bag is really heavy and has weighed down one side of my body as long as I have all my stuff with me. My bag is the vehicle by which I live my life – far more than just a place to stash my cash and keys. Whether I believe in toting half the house, or I like to keep it light and simple, there are still ten essentials that I must have in my bag at all times. And here are those:

        - As any woman knows, a dash of lipstick can perk up even the worst case of the blues, and having my favorite shade within reach is imperative to keeping me looking my best. Lipstick works to create a beautiful focal point on the face – so even if I  don’t have time to put on a complete face of makeup each 

, lipstick will still make me look glamorous.

        - The emphasis here is on money, not just coins. There are many instances that may arise when I will need more cash in hand, not a debit or credit card, so I keep at least one thousand bucks in cash safely stored away in my purse.

      - I should always be prepared with a small supply of feminine protection. (You know what I mean girls)

      - Whether or not I have little ones, baby wipes and tissues come in handy in so many situations – none of which I will be able to think about until the time arises that I need one or two. :)

      - How many times have you been out of the house and taken a headache like me? Chances are I have often wished for a bit of pain relief on the road. So I should stay prepared by always keeping a few meds or other pain remedy at hand.

6. PEN
     - When faced with the prospect of needing a pen or pencil, I saw many women dig and dig through their massive purses only to come up with a fairly good substitute: an eyeliner. Yaykz! So, I always have my pen with me.

     - Every time when I am at the grocery store I grab a cart that has been used many times and never wiped down. I count out money or meet someone new and shake their hand. For these and many other reasons, I should always have hand sanitizer in my purse. It will help protect me as well as anybody I come into contact with from spreading those terrible germs.

    - It makes my lashes look super long and great. 

    -  I don't want to look greasy, and powder is a great mattifier. 


   - I will never know when a hangnail is going to strike, and they’re just about the most annoying (and unattractive) things ever. I usually carry a tiny set of nail clippers in my purse to immediately fend off the pesky occurrences; they can also double as a tiny pair of scissors should I encounter a loose thread or anything of that sort.


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