Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pretty Simple Waving Hair Tutorial

Oh I love going out with a fabulous wavy hair. I sat through this exact curling tutorial with a colleague few years ago, and since then I’ve been curling and twirling with the best of them. All I needed was someone to show me how to properly use a curling iron, and after that practice made perfect!

Here's the step by step procedure:

1. Section hair into a vertical section in front of the ear.

Spray section with hair spray. Holding the curling iron clamp with your index finger, clamp the section mid-shaft.

Reach your opposite hand over to grab the rubber top of your iron, and immediately curl upward.

4. Slightly loosen clamp grip on hair, and inch the curling iron downward. Then burl upward again. Repeat down the length of your hair section.

5. Loosen clamp grip and release. Spray.

6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 going around the head.

7. Run fingers through your hair to break up the curls. 

Section hair into small sections around the crown.

9. Wrap hair around the barrel of the curling iron (with clamp down). Repeat around the entire crown. Spray hair all over.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How to Pick Your Style

Having good clothes can boost your attitude and give you a sense of importance. The first step to confidence is liking what you see in a mirror.

Wear the right kind of clothes for you. - When choosing clothes, you should have in mind 
when and where you will be wearing it.

Pick the right accessories! Sunglasses, watches, rings, necklaces etc. It depends on what you are wearing and your lifestyle. If you're simply dressed, it's ok to m
ake a big deal out of your accessories. Otherwise, keep it simple in order to highlight your clothes!

Choose your hairstyle - NOT ALL HAIRSTYLES SUIT EVERYONE! Be creative, but make sure you can still wear the hairstyle in your daily activities. 

Don't just follow fashions. Choose clothes that will suit you. Not all fashionable clothes were meant for everybody, so find the clothes that are right for you.

I just wanna share some photos/ideas I got from Fashionista Trends:

Casual attire:

For office attire:

 long skirts in different style:

Always remember that you don't have to spend on a high-end clothes and accessories. In order to have a nice wardrobe, it depends on your budget and fashion sense. I suggest just buy a few expensive things for special occasions like weddings. The rest can be any brand that sell relatively cheap clothing. And the most important thing is to become simple and be who you are.


IHG's Dekada (10th Anniversary in the Philippines)

We have celebrated the 10th Anniversary of IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) last April 11, 2014 at the Le Pavillion in Pasay City. It's the company's big event that more than half of IHG employees attended. 

Of course, I did my curly hair 
(with my new colored short hair) and make up. Being a Makeup Artist is an advantage for special event like this because it's "tipid". 

Want to share some of my photos during the event:


Friday, 17 October 2014

♥♥♥ Family Day ♥♥♥

Spending quality family time together is very important. A strong family finds that opportunities for quality time emerge from quantity time: The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences.

I have spent my Friday off with them, eating meals together (pizza party), talking about the events of the day, sharing joys, playing with my nieces, shopping, buying some stuff for them and taking photos. (my mother is our photograper and my father left at home)

How bout you my loves, how much time you do you spend with your family?



I've heard so many good things about this mist. It was suggested by L.A. – makeup artist. 

It's supposed to make your makeup look more natural, and hydrate + cool down your skin whenever you need it. In this heat, you can't say no to something like that!

I've been using this Evian spray for a few months now and I can say that it's useful. Here’s how I use it: 

  • If my makeup looks too thick and obvious and I wish there was a way to tone it down, the Evian mist can tone it down. A couple of spritzes and my makeup will look more dewy, more like skin, since the water breaks down the binders of the makeup a little.

  • I can also use this spray before makeup to make it last all day.

  • If my skin is already dry up during the latter part of the day (this can happen a lot if I am in the office because it’s too cold), I will spritz a bit of Evian to literally water my skin. The humectants in my moisturizer and/or makeup will seal in the moisture from the water.

  • If it’s so hot, a great way to cool off is to spray a mist of water on my neck, hair, and face! I will put the Evian in the fridge beforehand for a real treat.

 I really like this product more than I let on.  It has its uses while it might be pricey for what it really is. But I love it!


My Makeup Collection

Okay okay, I splurge and spoil myself sometimes. But who doesn't? Any way, I hope you enjoy my makeup collection. I have to be honest, I spend a lot of my time organizing my makeup. It's seriously never ending. Well, without further ado, here's my makeup collection and a new storage.

Lets start with my favorite foundations:

(Etude House BB Cream, Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation and pressed powder, Revlon Photoready, Loreal white perfect compact foundation and MAC True Match Foundation -gift from a friend)

(sorry its a bit messy! hehe)

My favorite eyeshadows:

(ELF Palette and duo, Korean brand quadrio, Fashion21 trio and my favorite Elizabeth Arden)

Loreal' Base Magique - I usually use this before applying makeup if I will attend big event/occassions. 

My lipstick collections:

( REVLON 9 lustrous lipstick - gift from a friend, my favorite Loreal Rich Lipstick in Flaming Kiss and Sheer Plum, In2It, Lipsticks from Beauty Collection, and SEPHORA lip gloss)

Eyes and Eyebrow:
(Etude House Eyebrow Pencils, Clinique High Impact Mascara, Covergirl and Nichido Mascara)

My make up brushes for everyday use:

Toner and Moisturizer:

(Human Nature Balacing Toner and Natural Moisturizer)

My new makeup collection storage:

One more thing. I really love this Evian facial spray. It really helps my makeup looks more natural. ( Stay tuned for my review )