Friday, 30 November 2012

3 Day Vacay

Me and ate Gigi went to La Paz, Tarlac to visit my friend Diane and her hubby Adrian. We stayed there for 3 days. That was my second visit and I still enjoy staying there. It was so hot in Tarlac but the climate plays an important role in the economic activity of the province. Like the rest of Central Luzon province, there are two distinct seasons there: Dry from November to April, and wet for the rest of the year. That is why it looks summer when we're there and the heat was just energy draining. 

People in Tarlac are very accommodating and hospitable, we feel that we are welcome. During our first day, they have invited us to sing in the videoke and they're just listening to our wonderful voice.. ahemm!! 
Because we really miss each other, Diane, Ate Gigi and I were busy chatting with out latest chikas until 2am. We haven't noticed the time. 

Our second day was so great, we went to Adrian family's ricefield. It was about 18 hectares of ricefield, huge!. We wanted to walk along the rice paddies but it was so hot and we don't want our skin to be darken. Sayang ang kogic! So we decided to stay and sit under the tree near the ricefield. 

Aside from the hot climate the only problem in Diane and Adrian's place is the network signal. They have a terrible connection. But we enjoyed our bonding time together. 

Before going home, we went to Betty's Native Rice Cakes for our pasalubong. They have a very good kakanin where you can only see in Tarlac. Our 3 day vacation were too fast but nothing compares with the joy and bonding we had with my friend Diane. Next time, we'll gonna visit them again before she gives birth. :)


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